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When it comes to lawn care, we're there!  We can help with:



Trees and shrubs are a significant investment to the beauty and vibrancy of your property. Pruning is an important maintenance practice that is absolutely crucial to the well-being and life of your trees, shrubs & hedges. It can mean the difference between a lush, beautiful landscape or a dirty, dead-looking landscape..

Benefits of Pruning

During the pruning process, decaying and overgrown branches are cut away from a tree. While it may seem like just a haircut for plants, its purpose is actually far more important, including:

  • Increasing resistance to disease

  • Reducing the risk of property damage due to heavy winds

  • Allowing more sunlight to reach your plants

  • Encouraging the healthy growth of your trees, keeping them structurally sound

  • Improving the appearance of your location


Deep Root Fertilization

Keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy year-round with our exclusive Tree NoS, a deep root fertilization service that applies nutrients directly to the roots of your trees and shrubs.

Tree Shrub
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Our Regular Property Management package consists of:


We make sure your space looks clean, clear and professional at all times - residential or large scale commercial properties.


Our commercial mowing services are of the highest standards, offering precision and efficiency at fair rates using the best equipment in the industry.


We keep your trees, shrubs, and hedges clean and well-shaped.


Your lawn is an investment that weeds will destroy.  Our professional landscaping and lawn care service team has got you covered. We can make sure that your lawn stays green, vibrant, lush and weed-free. With our certified applicators we can treat any and every type of weed out there.



Weed and Pest

Our Lawn Care Services package consists of:

*Discounts for bundled services


Want a vibrant lawn that's thick, lush and healthy?  Look no further than fertilizer!  Not only does it help with disease resistance, it'll also contribute to your lawn's hardiness!  Give us a call today for a free quote to determine which fertilizer would work best for your home, family, pets or business.



Aerating your lawn helps increase root growth and allows your lawn to breath and minimize thatch build.  Not only does it improve seed to soil contact, it also results in stronger grassroots, reduced puddling or water runoff, and an improved air exchange between the soil.


Too much thatch blocks the lawn’s roots from growing as deeply as they should. When grass roots spread in the thatch layer – rather than the soil below – the lawn is vulnerable to drying out. A thick thatch layer also prevents water and nutrients from getting to the roots that are deeper in the soil. Thatch can even promote disease by holding in too much moisture and harbouring harmful insects. This services will drastically help with the lawn prior to over-seeding or fertilizer increasing the contact with soil.



Whether you have a patchy thin lawn, or it's already thick and lush, your lawn can benefit from over seeding.  At Tidy Fox Services, we use only the highest quality seed on the market.

We recommend 20 minutes of water in the morning and evening for the first month. The key is to keep it damp and not over-soaking so that the seed washes away.

Benefits of seeding include:

  • introducing new grass seed cultivars that are more insect resistant

  • more drought tolerant and a deeper green colour

  • thickens your lawn



Soil is the foundation for every healthy lawn and garden. This is our own premium grade soil mixed with fertilizer and Kentucky Blue Grass seed.

Topdressing adds nutrients to balance the soil Ph and acts like a sponge to help the grass seed stay moist until it establishes itself.


Some other benefits include, but aren't limited to:

  • Improves resistance to drought stress

  • Speeds up breakdown of thatch

  • Benefits soil micro-organisms

  • Improves appearance and colour

  • Improves overall health of turf grasses

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5 Reasons You Should Call Us
Lawn Care


Maintaining a healthy garden bed can be easier said than done. That's why Tidy Fox Services is here to help!


From soil boosters, top up tilling and weed removal, to complete custom garden with your specific goals in mind.

Request your free estimate by calling our friendly costumer service today and let us exceed your expectations!

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